Sunday, November 25, 2012

Announcing Your Gay Engagement to The World

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|Announcing an engagement is much the same for a gay couple as for any heterosexual partners. Think about the choices that best suit your budget & lifestyle & find out about the lots of mediums obtainable to the gay community to broadcast announcements.

What to do

  • Write a short announcement & send it to a newspaper to print. Newspapers all over the country have printed gay engagement announcements. This is an simple way to let lots of people know & you can also cut it out as a keepsake. See resources for a nationwide list of newspapers that print gay announcements.

  • Buy or make some cards & send them to your relatives & friends. Sending out cards either by traditional mail or e mail is of the most personal ways to announce your engagement. Use pics of yourselves & design them together along with your partner for a weird touch.

  • Post a weblog on your Website or on message boards you & your acquaintances frequent. Jogging a blog is speedy & cheap but it can be hit & miss as not everyone checks that often, so don't use this technique by itself in case you need to announce your engagement in a rush.

  • Throw a party & invite everyone you know. This is by far the most fun but expensive way to announce your engagement & you can host it at a local gay hot spot in case you need to be ultra stylish. Research feasible venues & cost it before you commit to anything.

  • Contact local radio or even TV stations in your area that you know have liberal content programming. With celebrities & politicians making gay announcements, there is far less censorship in the public domain. Have a list of local stations & contact several if at first you don't succeed.
In whatever mode you will end up choosing it is also the best time to inform your soon to be guest of the plans you intend to do on your wedding like having to do a gay wedding Hawaii event of which your guests may be able to prepare and book in advance.


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